CNS Racing BMW E39 M5 - CAT-Back Power Exhaust System 1999-2003

CNS Racing BMW E39 M5 - CAT-Back Power Exhaust System 1999-2003
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***This is the special CAT-Back version of the CNS Racing Power Exhaust System. This includes complete plug and play mandrel bent stainless steel piping and a handcrafted X-pipe.

A vehicle's exhaust system is one of the most important factors in engine performance. The pipe size and flow rate have a direct effect on horsepower potential. With a non-sufficient exhaust flow, your engine's full potential will not be realized.

The exhaust system finalizes and determines the full potential of a modified engine. A high-performance exhaust system will allow additional engine modifications to come alive.

CNS Racing has been working closely with E39 M5 enthusiasts to configure the optimum exhaust product for both the street and the race track. The CNS Racing Power exhaust system is hand crafted with a sound absorbing design for maximum horsepower as our top priority.

- The CNS Racing Power exhaust system has been tested to be the best sounding exhaust for the E39 M5. Attention and compliments are guaranteed! It is described as an exotic V8 performance sound.

- The sound levels are perfectly balanced inside the cabin and out. Perfect for street driving even with small children.

- There is no drone or rasp at any RPM levels unlike most E39 M5 exhausts on the market.

- Monster 3.5 inch / 89 mm exhaust tips ! The largest tips that can fit in the OEM bumper.

- The system is made of high quality 304 stainless steel unlike the low cost competitor exhaust.

- Easy installation can be performed by any exhaust shop.

- This package removes the OEM resonator to increase flow and performance.

- Two mufflers are included with hangers and dual tips.

- This package also includes complete CAT-back plug and play mandrel bent stainless steel piping.

- One Handcrafted X-pipe.


CNS Racing  BMW E39 M5 Power Exhaust System

CNS Racing  BMW E39 M5 Power Exhaust System

CNS Racing  BMW E39 M5 Power Exhaust System

CNS Racing  BMW E39 M5 Power Exhaust System

CNS Racing  BMW E39 M5 Power Exhaust System
Customer Reviews


"I purchased the CNS racing exhaust after hearing all the exhaust on youtube. I must have listen to every exhaust out there 5-6 times. I would literally spend hours on the weekend on YouTube. The exhaust sounds like none I have heard before. Needless to say I went driving for awhile this weekend. I could not get enough of it. The M5 is well insulated so it is just a little bit louder than stock. WOT the thing screams. If I am next to a jersey wall or going under a bridge I always downshift and accelerate hard."


"Thanks AMCBimmer for letting me checkout your exhaust setup. I have heard many different exhausts on our beasts, but was really surprised with the sound quality from yours. Placed a order for my cans from CNS today.Lets see, so far I have heard the Eisenmann Race and Kelleners with X-pipe, Tubi Rumore with X pipe, and Dinan in person. Heard multiple ones online, but pretty hard to get a good quality sound video.

As for CNS, I really loved the way they sounded. Nice deep tone, not that loud at idle. Great sound as you go through the revs, really hard to explain without hearing it in person. The price was another selling point in my decision.

The CNS system I heard was the full cat back system. I really loved the sound compared to other systems. Man oh man, I have not turned on my radio in the past two weeks after having the exhaust installed."

Bill Marshall

"I'll vouch for AMCBimmer's comments regarding his CNS exhaust - as the Brit's say "a quality piece of kit." He kindly agreed to meet me this past week and even more generously gave me a sporting ride so I could hear the exhaust full and part throttle and while at idle - outstanding sound throughout. I examined the exhaust system on my back in the parking lot and it was clean and very professionally done. The exhaust tips are huge but perfectly fill the valence space for an aggressive look."


"I got my CNS Racing cat-back exhaust installed earlier this week. All I can say is AWESOME! They sound sooooo throaty and like an American muscle car. I took it to my dealer to show "the boys". Needless to say they were very impressed. It rattled the glass building so much, it drew all of the salesman out to what they thought was a Ferrari. That was some funny sh_t!."


"Love the sound. Not quite as loud as Dinan with resonators, and a little higher in tone, but more refined and less backfire. No drone at any level. And the tips are beautiful--really big (89 mm) and solid looking. Very nice setup."


I recently installed a CNS Racing exhaust on my E39 and it sounds awesome! In fact, last weekend I was at the Targa Trophy rally with a bunch of BMW, Ferrari, Porshe and Lambo fanatics and received multiple compliments, including from folks with other exhaust systems installed. You will certainly know that it's there and I think that it is more noticeable when the car is cold and when accelerating under load, but it is hardly noticeable at cruise speeds. When you stomp on it it sounds awesome and I have gotten tons of compliments on it.



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