CNS Racing E39 M5 10.5 CARBON Clutch Kit and DualMass Flywheel

CNS Racing E39 M5 10.5 CARBON Clutch Kit and DualMass Flywheel
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After years of Research and Development to correct the poorly engineered and undersized OEM BMW E39 M5 clutch, we are proud to present the best clutch package offered on the market today. Here are some of the advantages to the CNS Racing E39 M5 Power Clutch Kit.

- The CNS Racing BMW E39 M5 Power clutch kit offers the best of both worlds - An oversized 10.5 inch complete Power clutch kit including a Dualmass flywheel design. Unlike the competitor clutches which include a lightweight and noisy (gearlash) flywheel, the CNS Racing kit includes a lightened dualmass flywheel which offers ZERO gearlash/rollover noise just like the OEM setup.

- The clutch component diameter has been increased in size from 9.45 inches (240mm) to 10.5 inches (267mm). This provides greater surface area for much greater clutch durability and heat dissipation.

- CNS Racing only offers a full face carbon semi-metallic clutch disk which has proven longevity and OEM streetability. This in turn eliminates the chance of premature failure due to clutch disk glazing which occurs in OEM and competitor kits that have an Organic disk lining.

- Identical if not better OEM pedal feel.

- Completely plug and play just like the OEM kit. A clutch stop is also included in the kit to adjust the pedal engagement point.

- The OEM SAC mechanism has been eliminated for clutch reliability.

- 900+ rear wheel torque capacity. Great streetability and Racing use. Perfect for Supercharged M5 applications as well.

- The Dualmass flywheel is lightened by 11 lbs and German quality.

- It is a complete kit including the streetable high clamp pressure plate, full face carbon semi-metallic disc, OEM release bearing, clutch stop, and lightened dualmass flywheel.

Why incur the cost of reinstalling poorly designed OEM and competitor clutches plus the expensive labor for installation. Save thousands of dollars with the CNS Racing E39 BMW M5 Power clutch kit by installing a clutch once! No more babying a high performance car in fear of burning the clutch. Drive your M5 the way it was meant to be driven!!

CNS Racing  High Performance BMW E39 M5 Clutch

CNS Racing  High Performance BMW E39 M5 Clutch

CNS Racing  High Performance BMW E39 M5 Clutch

CNS Racing  High Performance BMW E39 M5 Clutch

Customer Reviews


PRO Golfer Stuart Appleby ( M5Board member " APPLES ")

"Love the CNS package indeed...had no issues at all with running in the CNS set up on the OZ ute, and was driving it hard and no slipping. Its a quality set up for sure and they do it well and when the time comes I'll head their way for sure. Had a friend drive the ute the other day for over 3 hours and he said the feel/take up is so easy to get right in no time.


I am a real CNS customer and would swear by their products. I had their racing clutch kit and lightened flywheel installed in my '02 and did just that with it...raced it, including 1500 miles through Newfoundland. Nothing could phase the clutch, but it felt stock during normal driving, and with a short throw B&M, the car felt amazing. The clutch was installed by Turner Motorsports (sure you've heard of them), and even they commented at the time on how nice the kit was. You can "see" the car in action on youtube if you type in " Targa Newfoundland 2010 M5 on-board Brigus " . This was taken during the last day of the 5-day race, and the clutch wasn't even phased by any of it.
The fact is they make great products. I had the aforementioned clutch, their racing exhaust, and the oil separators for my e39 M5 and NEVER had a problem with any of it, including emails back and forth with customer service.
It's refreshing to deal with someone like CNS and have the products they provide.I'll gladly go to bat for these guys.


"I went with the cns... great package... i couldn't believe an enlarged clutch with greater clamping force could have almost the same characteristics as the OEM setup... the pedal is a little heavier, but all around the cns is a solid setup... definitely takes a beating...

The cns package is a great kit... certainly gives me piece of mind that i can drive the way i want and not have to worry about torching the clutch... and the negative experiences with after market clutches certainly haven't been with the CNS kit... there is nothing but good reviews with it... most of the problems have been with UUC direct fit clutch kits and single mass flywheel designed kits... all in all the CNS racing clutch kit is an excellent product... this kit is what should have been standard equipment on the beast in the first place....

First off the install went great without any major hangups... very straight forward... now after 2k miles the clutch kit amazes me... precise engagement, no chatter, no roll over noise (which there never was to begin with), no feathering the gas, no vibration what-so-ever... and can take a nice beating... the pedal feels almost stock, and engagement is almost identical to OEM... this is definitely a great kit, number one for our beasts in my opinion... anybody thinking along the lines of aftermarket enlarged kits must consider the CNS racing kit as a very viable option... IMO it is the only option, you get a high performance kit that can take a woopin, while still being extremely drivable during normal driving and cruising... the beast pulls like a freight train, and chirps all the way thru 4th gear (yes cheerps 4th gear)... i would like to thank mark for engineering such a great kit and giving me piece of mind that i can drive my beast the way it was made to be without having to worry about toasting the clutch or overheating it... great job... those of you considering the CNS kit, go for it you won't be disappointed.... the CNS flywheel is 11 lbs lighter then OEM.... i definitely noticed a quicker rise in rpm with the CNS flywheel during acceleration..."


"If anyone is hedging on getting the CNS clutch, at this price, don't even think twice about it. DO IT!! The clutch is fantastic and the initial vibration is disconcerting [you know if you have it, but it goes away] but both the product as well as Mark's service after your purchase in answering questions to you and your technician have been nothing but exemplary.

I went with it because I do drive hard. I also did not want to worry about wearing it out and having to get a new clutch installed again. It may be a _little_ heavier than OEM, but it can take a whole lot more wear and abuse than what the OEM setup will do. You will get used to it. And you really should replace your flywheel while you're there anyway. The CNS kit is clutch and flywheel."

Blockdoc (ESS Supercharged E39 M5)

"I can tell you that the clutch kit is a piece of artwork from a visual perspective. The mechanic was quite impressed with the workmanship. It is clearly a non-organic disk. Neatly packaged. Customer service so far is top notch.

At this point I am pretty happy with this CNS system...even if I did NOT need it for the added HP"

Rom3n (ESS Tuning)

"Brian's clutch is breaking in nicely. I have about 100 miles on it and it feels good."


"After my lightweight UUC clutch burned out last Fall, and after reading a lot of postings on this Board, I bought and installed a CNS Racing clutch in early November.The CNS clutch broke in normally over the first 500 miles of use, and engaged smoothly when upshifting."

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