CNS Racing E60 M5 Clutch Kit - SMG

CNS Racing E60 M5 Clutch Kit - SMG
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After years of Research and Development to correct the poorly engineered OEM E60 M5 clutch, we are proud to present the CNS Racing E60 M5 TWIN DISK SMG Power Clutch kit.

- The CNS Racing E60 M5 TWIN DISK SMG Power Clutch kit is for street and track use in cars that are stock or modified. The kit offers OEM stock drivability, very high durability, no Chatter/vibration on engagement, completely bolt-in installation and zero maintenance operation. The clutch kit is smooth and quiet. The individual clutch components can be rebuilt or replaced when needed. The clutch kit is constructed with carbon billet steel and the two disks are constructed with full-faced kevlar on one side and carbon graphite semi metallic on the other side.

- Our kit is designed to eliminate the chance of premature failure due to clutch disk glazing which occurs in OEM and competitor kits that have an Organic disk lining.

- Identical if not better OEM pedal feel.

- Completely plug and play just like the OEM kit.

- 900+ ft lbs tq rear wheel torque capacity. Perfect for Supercharged applications as well.

- It is a complete twin disk kit including the streetable high clamp pressure plate, two full face kevlar and carbon graphite semi metallic disks and a flywheel.

Why incur the cost of reinstalling poorly designed OEM and competitor clutches plus the expensive labor for installation. Save thousands of dollars with the CNS Racing E60 M5 Twin Disk SMG Power clutch kit by installing a clutch once! No more babying a high performance car in fear of burning the clutch. Drive your car the way it was meant to be driven!!

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