CNS Racing GALLARDO Billet Clutch v2- Stage 2 (04-08)

CNS Racing GALLARDO Billet Clutch v2- Stage 2 (04-08)
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**NEW version 2 released for improved E-gear and manual drivability/smoothness on engagement and performance!

We are proud to present the best Stage 2 full billet twin disk clutch kit for the Lamborghini Gallardo models 2004-2008. Unlike other competitor clutches who leverage the Lamborghini OEM clutch pressure plate and flywheel this unit is completely designed and billet engineered from the ground up. This allows for an overall superior design, increased performance capabilities and greater durability. 

*** This product is compatible with the 6-speed manual and E-GEAR transmission ***

- The clutch disks are Carbon semi-metallic on both faces which has proven longevity and OEM streetability. This in turn eliminates the chance of premature failure due to clutch disk glazing which occurs in OEM and competitor kits that have an Organic disk lining.

- There is no need to send us your old/used clutch since we provide a brand new fully engineered twin clutch and flywheel built in the USA.

- Some competitors claim that their Lamborghini performance clutch is new however in reality they are selling a rebuild/reconditioned OEM Lamborghini clutch kit with new kevlar disks. Do not be fooled by these claims!

- This Performance clutch can handle twin turbo built Gallardos due to its use of stronger parts and increased clamping force.

- This clutch kit fits 2004-2008 Gallardo coupe and Spyder with Manual and E-GEAR transmission.

- This clutch kit includes a pressure plate, twin discs, and a flywheel.

- We offer other higher stages/disk materials if required for racing or twin turbo Gallardos.

- Identical if not better OEM pedal feel.

- Completely plug and play just like the OEM kit.

- 1130 ALL wheel torque capacity. Great streetability and Racing use.

- It is a complete kit excluding the Throw out bearing (Sold separately)

Why incur the cost of reinstalling poorly designed OEM and competitor clutches plus the expensive labor for installation. Save thousands of dollars with the CNS Racing LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO clutch kit by installing a clutch once! No more babying a high performance car in fear of burning the clutch. Drive your LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO the way it was meant to be driven.

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