CNS Racing Lamborghini Gallardo - Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

CNS Racing Lamborghini Gallardo - Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
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CNS Racing presents the Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fiber Side skirts. Their lines, to start with the visual Carbon fiber appearance, are absolutely fantastic. The quality of the Carbon Fiber is unmatched, and the finish has a great brilliance to it. The splitters work, functionally, in much the same way that the front CNS Racing front lip spoiler does also. Their extended lips allow for a reduction in air roll underneath the vehicle chassis--this "roll" acts as a huge aerodynamic buffer eating away at over-all performance numbers. By channeling the wind flowing across the vehicle more efficiently, these Side Skirts help to reduce drag and improve handling. Again, too, they look near-perfect on the Gallardo. These things were definitely designed to be installed on this vehicle. The portions of the splitters that attach these pieces to the vehicle are also thick and wide, and really guarantee a lot of strength and durability. They're pretty easily installed, and, once on the vehicle, certain to hold up for a very very long time. As all CNS Racing quality products they almost certainly will stand the test of time longer than most OEM body components will.

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