CNS Racing LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO Performance Clutch Stage 1 (2004-2008)

$3,395.95 $3,999

***This product is now compatible with the 6-speed manual AND E-Gear transmission. ***

The CNS Racing LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO Performance Clutch Stage 1 clutch surpasses the designs on the market using a stronger and more street friendly Kevlar and ceramic design.

After years of Research and Development to engineer a stronger street friendly and race track ready LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO clutch, we are proud to present the best clutch package offered on the market today. Here are some of the advantages to the CNS Racing LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO Performance Stage 1 clutch.


- The CNS Racing Performance Hybrid Clutch uses a modified higher clamp pressure-plate. These kits are "amazing" per our customers that are currently using them. We have had great success with these and they are very streetable and hold big power.

- CNS Racing offers a full face Kevlar clutch disk and a second ceramic disk for the 6 speed transmissions and e-gear which has proven longevity and OEM streetability. This in turn eliminates the chance of premature failure due to clutch disk glazing which occurs in OEM and competitor kits that have an Organic disk lining. This will save you money and provide superior longevity that the OEM and competitors simply cannot provide.

- Identical if not better OEM pedal feel.

- Completely plug and play just like the OEM kit.

- 1000+ rear wheel torque capacity. Great streetability and Racing use.

- It is a complete remanufactured kit including the streetable high clamp pressure plate, kevlar and ceramic disk, OEM Factory Flywheel.

Why incur the cost of reinstalling poorly designed OEM and competitor clutches plus the expensive labor for installation. Save thousands of dollars with the CNS Racing LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO Performance Hybrid Clutch by installing a clutch once! No more babying a high performance car in fear of burning the clutch. Drive your LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO the way it was meant to be driven.

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