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E39 M5 Electric FAN Conversion

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The CNS Racing E39 M5 Electric FAN Conversion has the Highest CFM Rating of 3629! Improve performance, drivability and prevents engine bay damage from eventual wearing out/projectile of the OEM fan blades.

The CNS Racing High Performance Electric Fan is the most powerful electric fan available and is capable of moving almost twice the volume of air as competitive models. Features include low RPM, high torque-precision motors with dual ball bearing armature supports for longer life.

This electric fan features sealed ball bearings and fully balanced blades, which ensure low noise levels and a long life of smooth operation. They also use reversible blades that allow them to operate as pushers or pullers. All fans are tested several times to ensure maximum performance and cooling capability.

- 16" Electric Fan, 10.0 AMP Draw , 3629 CFM !!

- We include a more robust adjustable temperature probe sensor. Some sensors do not tolerate high temperature conditions in the engine compartment and fail prematurely.

- 10+ HP! Indepenent testing has shown an 11whp(13HP) DYNO gain on the S62 E39 M5 application by simply removing the OEM fan.

- Our testing through datalogging analysis on the track and street demonstrated lower coolant and oil temperatures as compared to competitive models.

- Easy Installation. Our kit includes pre cut wiring and connectors for the E39 M5 application.

- Fits right in the OEM shroud or the OEM shroud can be modified if wanted for better cooling.

- Full instructions are provided for installation on the E39 M5 platform.

- Ideal for use as primary cooling fans and replacement of heavy power robbing OEM crank driven fan.

- Perfect for stock engine or use on a SUPERCHARGED setup.

- Reversible “push/pull” for mounting on either side of the radiator

- Patented nylon mounting system included with each electric fan

- INCLUDES EVERYTHING you need for the installation with wiring systems and automatic probe thermal switch

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