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CNS Racing Tesla Model S PLAID Direct Fit High Performance Brake pads

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The CNS Racing Tesla Model S PLAID Street Brake Pads were developed to finally resolve the weak braking system from the factory. The OEM pads quickly overheat (burnt smell) and require extra effort to brake. This can be dangerous and frustrating when critical braking is needed.  

The CNS Racing Tesla Model S PLAID Street Brake Pads offer the following benefits:

- These pads do not overheat under any street driving conditions

- Zero noise or brake squeal

- Major increase in braking power as compared to the OEM pads

- No more burning pad smell

- Complete plug and play front and rear pads

- For road course race track use we recommend our track pads offered separately

For all of our brake upgrades, we strongly recommend pairing these with high-temperature racing brake fluid such as Motul RBF 660 or Castrol SRF brake fluids.

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