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CNS Racing BMW E39 M5 SC600 Supercharger System

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The CNS Racing E39 M5 SC600 Supercharger system combines the ESS engineering components and software tuning with the Aquamist injection system in one complete system. This is a joint venture between CNS Racing and ESS where ESS designed the software and hardware to our specifications which will allow customers to properly run higher levels of boost on the VT1 platform. With close to 20 years of Supercharging experience this system results in the highest HP and safest 8-9 PSI output for any bolt on kit in the E39 M5 application. The results obtained are 600 HP+ and 510 whp+ and the parts below are included;

- 8 larger 36 lbs Bosch injectors.

- 92mm CNC aluminum pulley for an 8-9 PSI boost output.

- ESS software tuning specifically for this application of 100% Meth injection and 9 PSI (92mm pulley is included and 50/50 Meth can also be used)

- The ESS E-Flash OBD2 cable.

- Aquamist HFS-3 with one 0.8 nozzle pre SC and two 0.6 nozzles post SC.

-Fully automatic belt tensioning.
-Removed top speed governor and 7100RPM limit.
-Vortech V3Si self contained supercharger unit
-CNC machined, hard anodized 20mm certal-aluminum main bracket for extreme rigidity.
-ESS custom casted, teflon coated plastic SC intake system.
-ESS custom casted lightweight aluminium discharge system with integrated bypass system.
-CNC hard anodized support/ABS control unit brackets and hardware.
-ESS bumper mounted CAI w/K&N high flow air filter.
-Detailed step-by-step installation instructions, fully illustrated.
-Heavy Duty drive belt system.
-Oil breather assembly designed for boost.
-CNC machined, anodized fan spacer.
-2yr./unlimited mileage warranty.
-100% Maintenance free operation.
-100% Bolt-on installation.

The CNS Racing E39 M5 SC600 supercharger system delivers unparalleled acceleration and everyday driveability matched with the reliability customers have come to expect from ESS and Howerton. Countless hours of development and testing have resulted in a supercharger system that produces 600+ horsepower with the smoothnes and drivability of a stock car. Component quality matches or exceeds BMW OEM specification throughout the kit.

The system is based upon Vortech's efficient and reliable gear driven and self contained V3 supercharger, featuring helical cut gears for quiet operation. The redesigned ESS MSS52 engine control software is perfectly calibrated for the supercharged engine providing optimum ignition timing under all conditions, recalibrated EG for quicker throttle response, recalibrated VANOS control and perfectly optimized fuel delivery supplied by 8 larger Bosch injection valves ensures that the engine is operating ideally under all conditions.

The system maintains all OBD-II functions, ans it is backed by a comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. The system installs in 10-12 hours using normal hand tools and no irreversible modifications to the car is necessary.

The ESS E-Flash OBD2 cable is included to allow the end user to upload the supercharger ECU software directly to the car from any PC running Windows XP or newer. The system also includes full diagnostic and code clearing capability. Any future CNS Racing ESS software updates can be received by email and loaded directly to the car. The stock ECU software will be saved and can easily be restored in the future.

Boost pressure: 8-9 PSI @ 6500RPM
Horsepower: 610 SAE
Installation time : 10-12 hours

Application intended for: E39 M5 from 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

Legal in California only for racing vehicles.

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