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NEW - Version 5 CNS Racing BMW E39 M5 Oil Separators 1999-2003

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NEW Version 5 Oil Separators now available with improved larger internal filters for higher flow and sealed units to prevent any longer term seepage in the unit!

Improve performance, drivability, reduce oil consumption and Carbon buildup!

DYNO tested 10+ HP! The tests were performed utilizing the same dyno on the same day.

Easy Installation - Completely Plug and Play and DIY.

The CNS Racing E39 M5 Oil Separators collect the oil, moisture and blow-by gases that cause carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and engine to keep them clean even under the hardest driving conditions.

When using the OEM oil separators these contaminants enter the combustion chamber through the intake plenum and effectively reduce the octane level which prevents your engine to reach its maximum HP potential.

The CNS Racing E39 M5 Oil Separators are an essential component that reduces oil consumption & intake charge contamination through the intake system. If you have removed your intake plenum cover and noticed oil build-up, then you need the CNS Racing Oil Separator to absorb the oil and prevent its passage into the intake system.

CNS Racing recommends the use of an efficient Oil Separator for all high performance naturally aspirated applications. It is especially beneficial for vehicles used on the street and track day events where vehicles run wide open throttle for extended periods of time.

The Oil Separators utilize an inline PCV valve and a new grommet which connects to the factory valve cover breather hose that feeds into the air intake plenum.

The components are assembled with an oil vapor/mist filter media capable of filtering up to 5 microns which differentiates itself from the OEM product(no filters). The clear housing threads together utilizing a rubber seal and this facilitates inspection of the filter media and oil level collected.This larger reduction in aerated oil entering the combustion chamber increases overall engine efficiency.

The CNS Racing Oil Separator kit includes;

- 2 CNS Racing Oil Separators w/ a modified internal valve. Patent Pending

- 2 New revised OEM Vent hoses.

- 2 New OEM gaskets.

- 4 OEM hose Clamps.

- 2 oil drains

 Throw away the OEM Oil Separators that allow excessive oil into the air plenum which reduces engine performance!

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